Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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ltd#130: alphabets "ALPHABOX" c27+c32+c35+c60 $23 US / $25 CAN/MEX / $28 INTL
alphabets is the nom de plume of denver’s colin ward. i know a lot of amazing people, but colin’s got a pretty special place in my heart. there’s something so incredibly pure about his ideas and his approach. he cranks out incredible tunes like it’s nothing and then gives most of it away for nothing. amazing, amazing dude. all that and he’s not even 20 yet.

so after months of preparations and back & forths, we finally give you the ALPHABOX. this collections past and recent work into a nice & tidy package. tape 1 is from his new duo project, phonebooks taking his sci-fi electro blasts to another level of insanity. cut up and & spliced into an aural frankenstein. tape 2 is called "pokelectrodrums" and sounds like what you think it does. video game aesthetics with a syrupy synth pop dysfunction. as ever, the beats carry it but the hooks are endless. tape 3 is "underwaters II," the second in a series of sessions where ward took pieces of old recordings of his, blew them to bits and reimagined them into something far greater than the sum of their individual parts. bloopy goodness. and then tape 4 is a massive 'best of 09.' ward culled through the hundreds (literally) of songs he recorded in 2009 and picked out the 20 best. it's absolutely stellar and absolutely mindblowing. serious, monolithic talent. edition of 50, pro-dubbed & imprinted.

in celebration of the ALHPABOX, we've put together this awesome ALPHACAST. check it out HERE.


TAPE 1: phonebooks "get reLL"
side A
1. phonehome
2. goof house

side B
1. spooker
2. get reLL

TAPE 2: pokelectrodrums
side A
1. pokemon hyphytrance
2. one
3. cough drops forever
4. pokemon2 shiny
5. two
6. charming

side B
1. pokemon3 explosive
2. three
3. purr cushion
4. pokemon4 fantazia
5. four

TAPE 3: underwaters II
side A
1. lobster party
2. shark pukes
3. robo turtles party
4. robo whale grown swims
5. otter pools

side B
1. lusty crawfish fuck hard
2. nyquil gator dreams
3. doll fins
4. giant salamander dragons

TAPE 4: best of 2009
side A
1. smile attack gleam force
2. sunlight monsters summer hello
3. adoorabellz
4. migrating
5. giant amphibian's island noise
6. chop hair new news
7. cyborg emo wish face wash out
8. do so do so
9. ultra nonsense

side B
1. bouncipears
2. plesiousaur howl outs and swim bump
3. romantipunk
4. angler fish lantern fights
5. sun mountain champions
6. bliss body
7. heart throb blast ups
8. power monsters work out fitness
9. smiledaysdaze, ya-gnow?
10. builders inventors
11. [thundercade remix] laserpalace

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